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Timetable of the euro changeover in Slovakia

Stage IPrior to the entry into the ERM II

Till 25 November 2005 – Completing accession procedures to the ERM II with the bodies of the European Union

Stage IIMembership in the ERM II up until the decision on Slovakia’s acceptance into the euro area

28 November 2005 – Entry into the ERM II

May 2008 – Convergence reports of the European Commission and the ECB

May – June 2008 – Evaluation procedure at European institutions

8 July 2008 – Decision of the Council of the EU on abrogation of derogation

8 July 2008 – Setting the SKK/EUR conversion rate by the Council of the EU

Stage IIIBetween the decision on Slovakia’s acceptance into the euro area and the entry itself

July – December 2008 – Provision of the necessary quantity of euro banknotes and minting

of coins for cash circulation in the SR

September – December 2008 – Frontloading of commercial banks with the euro cash

November – December 2008 – Frontloading of the retail sector with the euro cash

24 August 2008 – 31 December 2009 – Mandatory dual display of prices

Till the end of December 2008 – Conversion of ATMs, vending machines and other equipment working with coins and banknotes

Stage IV – Following entry into the euro area

1 January 2009 – Entry into the euro area

Till 16 January 2009 – Dual circulation: exchange of koruna cash for euro and withdrawal

of the Slovak koruna from circulation

From 17 January 2009 – Continued exchange of the old koruna cash for euro

Till June 2010 – Recommended dual display of prices