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Household Finance and Consumption Network - HFCN

The Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS) in euro area countries is carried out on the basis of a 2008 decision of the Governing Council of the ECB. The survey is primarily aimed at obtaining structural microeconomic data on households‘ wealth and its components – financial assets, real assets and household financial liabilities. It also collects related economic and demographic data (e.g. household income, intergenerational transfers, selected consumption categories and credit restrictions, age, education and job status of interviewees) that tell about other aspects of household financial decisions.

The survey has been carried out since 2010 at around three-yearly intervals by a harmonised methodology in the euro area countries as well as in some other European Union countries (in the third (2017) wave, e.g. Poland, Hungary and Croatia).

Data for Slovakia

In Slovakia, HFCS data were collected in 2010, 2014 and 2017. The data for Slovakia are representative at the country level. NBS provides researchers and scientists with access to its anonymized database for statistical processing and non-commercial empirical research.

Processing of the fourth wave of HFCS (2020/2021) is currently under way. The data will be available for scientific and analytical purposes at the end of 2022 / early 2023.

HFCN in the ECB

In order to prepare the survey methodologically, process data and analyze the results obtained, a group of experts was set up, composed of researchers, statisticians and survey specialists from the ECB, the NCBs, national statistical institutes as well as external consultants. HFCN activities are presented in detail on the website of the ECB.

HFCS research relevant to Slovakia