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Working groups

Experts from the Research Department cooperate within international research teams. Collaboration on the project Household Finance and Consumption Network (HFCN) brings new findings based on comparable data about financial situation and household expenditures in the Euro Area.

The research network focused on competitiveness (Competitiveness Research Network – CompNet) is intended to create a consistent analytical framework for the assessment of competitiveness based on aggregate macroeconomic data, firm-level data, but also from the perspective of global value chains. NBS experts in this field are mainly focused on examining the competitiveness on the basis of so far less utilized individual micro-level indicators.

In 2013, the Research Department has rejoined the network studying labor market flexibility (Wage Dynamics Network – WDN). A new wave of the firm-level survey completed by the members of this network should provide more up to date information about firms’ behavior related to wage formation, price setting and employment decisions in the period after the global and economic crisis.