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In terms of the Council Regulation (EC) No. 1338/2001 the National Bank of Slovakia established the National Counterfeit Centre (NCC) which is an integral part of the Cash Management Department. Its function is to examine,, verify and keep the counterfeits of euro banknotes and coins as well the counterfeits of other currencies seized on the territory of the Slovak Republic. The NCC closely cooperates with the ECB as well as with the NCCs
of other National Central Banks of the EU. To combat the counterfeiting, the NCC actively supports the Slovak Police Forces, the Europol that acts as a central authority coordinating the protection of the euro currency, the Interpol and the European Commission.

Euro is the strong and stable currency which constantly attracts the counterfeiters. Though euro banknotes and coins thanks to the very sophisticated security features belong to the best protected currency in the world, there still exist its counterfeits in circulation.

Security features applied on euro banknotes and coins allow to distinguish the genuine legal tender from suspect one even without using special equipment. To simply verify the authenticity of a banknote all you have to do is feel, look at and tilt the banknotes. Do not forget, it is important to check more security features!

If you find out that banknote or coin is suspicious or a counterfeit contact the police, immediately, as the counterfeiting, its distribution and intentional payment with counterfeit is a serious criminal offence.