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Quarterly financial accounts

Quarterly Financial Accounts Statistics (QFA) represent financial statistical data that are integrated part of system of the national accounts. National Accounts compiled in the Slovak Republic are reported in accordance to the internationally accepted and standardized principles and regulations in the line with the new methodology – European system of national and regional accounts in the European Union ESA 2010. Methodology modifications in the system of the national accounts ESA 2010 comparing to the recently used predecessor – ESA 95 are mainly oriented to reflect reforms in measuring adjustments of economic reality within the growing globalisation process. The way of data compilation elaborated within the line of ESA 2010 results in quality increasment of the whole national accounts system functioning. New methodology also implements higher degree of precision principles with respect to sectorisation and classification of defined sectors and subsectors, non-financial and financial assets and liabilities, transactions and other flows.

Data on euro-area QFA are currently available on the web site of European Central Bank as a part of integrated Euro Area Accounts (EAA). EAA represent connected non-financial and financial accounts, i.e. interconnection of data on production process, its distribution and consequent consumption with the use of savings (as a non-consumed part) in financial flows of funds.