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NBS warnings


NBS warnings until the end of 2020

03. 12. 2020NBS warning about the CROWD1 platform
24. 06. 2020NBS warning about the activities of WORLD agency s.r.o., operator of the website
11. 06. 2020NBS warns about a misleading Bitcoin Code advertorial and its misuse of the name of NBS Governor Peter Kažimír
11. 06. 2020NBS warning about the activities of Ci investment group, s.r.o., operator of the platform
09. 06. 2020NBS warns about misleading advertisements for alternative bank accounts
24. 04. 2020NBS warning to financial consumers about loan offers on the internet
17. 04. 2020NBS information: Requests, comments and appeals sent to NBS
14. 04. 2020NBS warning about internet scams (business name misuse)
14. 04. 2020NBS warning about the activity of Grandefex
08. 04. 2020NBS warning: The Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Evolution platforms
16. 03. 2020Coronavirus: NBS suspending postal replies to financial consumers
11. 03. 2020NBS warning about Cypton Digital and the Wexo cryptocurrency platform
10. 03. 2020NBS warning about CEE Real Estate Group, s.r.o.
09. 01. 2020NBS warning: Think carefully before investing in corporate bonds and check the company you are about to lend money to
16. 12. 2019NBS warning about the activity of International Markets Live, Inc.
13. 09. 2019Customer authentication for online card payments
22. 07. 2019NBS warning about the activity of NLF PLUS LIMITED
28. 06. 2019NBS warning about the activity of the Chris Gardner Group
18. 06. 2019NBS warning about the operator of the website
07. 06. 2019NBS warning – Central Register of Debtors of the Slovak Republic
06. 05. 2019NBS warning – Don’t become a money mule! Don’t be duped!
19. 03. 2019NBS warning – Unfair practices of non-banks – Don’t be deceived!
11. 03. 2019NBS warning about the activity of Next Trade Ltd and R S Marketing Ltd (
16. 01. 2019NBS warning about the activity of First SkyWay Invest Group Limited
16. 01. 2019NBS warning about Five Winds Asset Management and about QW Lianora Swiss Consulting
21. 11. 2018NBS warning regarding the activity of Rhodium by Solomon Holdings Ltd
09. 10. 2018NBS warning regarding the activity of WOODWARD GLOBAL
23. 08. 2018NBS warning: What is a pyramid scheme, airplane game or Ponzi scheme?
16. 08. 2018NBS warning: What is a scam? Don’t be deceived!
09. 08. 2018NBS warning: The activities of the company MINIHOTOVOST, SE offering loans through the website www.minipozicka.s
23. 07. 2018NBS warning: Operator of the website
27. 04. 2018NBS warning: HYSPO, s.r.o.
08. 02. 2018NBS warning: Plustocks Limited
29. 11. 2017NBS warning: SHEDLIN Latin American Property 1
22. 11. 2017NBS warning: Poštová spoločnosť s.r.o.
27. 10. 2017NBS warning: Emmenegger Montagen GmbH
24. 07. 2017NBS warning: Atlantic Global Asset Management, S.A.
10. 05. 2017NBS’s position on crowdfunding – a way of raising money
02. 03. 2017NBS warning: Naya Group Foundation, SWISS CLUB and Blue Mountain Consultants SL
02. 03. 2017NBS warning: FOREX robots
15. 02. 2017NBS warning: Questra
20. 12. 2016NBS warning: SHEDLIN Latin American Property 1, GmbH & Co
04. 05. 2016NBS warning: Forex
27. 04. 2016NBS warning: Provision of loans by peer-to-peer lending
22. 04. 2016NBS warning: Fraudulent e-mails claiming to be from NBS
18. 03. 2016NBS warning: Europe Money Fundament s.r.o.
15. 11. 2013NBS warning: Abuse of the name of the authorised investment firm Infinity Capital, o.c.p., a.s.
28. 03. 2013NBS warning: iService, a. s., operator of internet portal
07. 05. 2012NBS warning: BEST INVEST SK, s.r.o.
10. 08. 2011NBS warning regarding unauthorised activities of a private person and Blue Effect, s.r.o.
21. 07. 2011NBS warning regarding unauthorized activities of WESTLINE
27. 11. 2009NBS warning regarding unlawful activities of Happy Trend Ltd. o.z. Slovensko
27. 11. 2009NBS warning regarding unethical and unfair practices in the capital market
12. 10. 2009NBS warning regarding unauthorised activity of the company Worldclearing US LLC
09. 06. 2009NBS warning regarding unauthorised activity of EDBUSY SLOVAKIA, s.r.o.
26. 02. 2009NBS warning regarding unauthorized activities of All Property Ltd.