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Monetary policy publications

In connection with its primary role, NBS publishes analyses about euro area and global economic developments, and analyses, forecasts, and commentaries about economic developments in Slovakia.

Economic and Monetary Developments is a report published by the NBS on a quarterly basis, which assesses current developments and provides economic projections for the medium term. The first part of this report analyses the present state of the Slovak economy using quarterly and monthly data on inflation (consumer prices), the real economy (GDP, sales, industrial production, leading indicators, foreign trade), and the labour market (employment, unemployment, wages). This part also includes analyses on current topics and an assessment of business sentiment. The report’s medium-term forecast of macroeconomic developments is based on assumptions for external environment developments and includes projections for inflation, GDP and its components, the labour market, and the balance of payments over the medium-term period (covering the current year and the next two years).

Frankfurtské hárky (Frankfurt sheets – in Slovak only) provide interesting information on the background to monetary policy decisions and the implications of the ECB’s monetary policy implementation. They offer a “digestible” view of monetary policy.

Structural Challenges is a report that monitors Slovakia’s progress in catching-up with the standard of living in more advanced economies, reviews the competitiveness of the Slovak economy, and identifies the economy’s most serious structural challenges. Special editions will provide a more in-depth look at selected areas that reflect the economy’s current structural issues.

Analýza návrhu rozpočtu verejnej správy (The analysis of the public administration budget – in Slovak only) is published by the NBS every November. Responsible budgetary policy is an important assumption for maintaining price stability and the overall stability of the economic environment.

Analytické komentáre (Analytical Commentaries – in Slovak only) are brief non-technical analyses that summarise the results of research on selected current topics. All of these publications present expert views that do not necessarily represent the views of Národná banka Slovenska.

Rýchle komentáre (Flash Commentaries – in Slovak only) deliver brief information about actual development in real economy, prices and on labour market. They are usually prepared just after the releases of macroeconomic indicators (inflation, real estate prices, unemployment, flash estimate of GDP and employment).