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Macroprudential Commentary

An overview of current trends with an emphasis on cyclical risks. It supports decisions on the setting of the countercyclical capital buffer rate.

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Macroprudential Commentary – September 2023

The financial cycle has cooled. Loan growth is no longer decelerating, while mortgage origination is down by one-third compared with the previous three years. This is due to reduced demand, whose impact is also seen in declining housing prices. Banks remain well capitalised and soundly profitable. There is no need to adjust the CCyB rate.

  • Macroprudential Commentary – June 2023

    The financial cycle is slowing down. Cooling is most pronounced in the residential property market, while the credit market is also easing. Rising interest rates and costs, as well as persisting uncertainty, are dampening demand for loans. Banks remain well capitalised. There is no need to adjust the countercyclical capital buffer.