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Areas of supervision

The objective of financial market supervision is to contribute to the stability of the financial market as a whole, as well as to the secure and sound functioning of the financial market in the interests of maintaining the credibility of the financial market, financial consumer protection, and compliance with competition rules.

The supervisory tasks of Národná banka Slovenska include:

  • laying down prudential business rules and other requirements for the business activities of supervised entities;
  • monitoring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of Slovakia, as well as with legal acts of the European Union;
  • conducting proceedings, issuing authorisations, licences, permissions and approvals, and imposing sanctions and remedial measures;
  • issuing other decisions, opinions, methodological guidelines and recommendations relating to financial market supervision;
  • conducting on-site and off-site supervision of supervised entities.

Prevention of legalisation of proceeds of criminal activity and financing of terrorism