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Data release calendar

  • The NBS Bank Boardpreliminary schedule of meetings.
  • Residential property prices – published quarterly.
  • ECB foreign exchange reference rates – published daily.
  • Exchange rates of selected foreign currencies against the euro – published on on the first business day of each month.
  • Economic and Monetary Developments – a  quarterly report published only electronically.
  • Financial Stability Report – published semi-annually.
  • Macroprudential Commentary – published quarterly.
  • Structural Challenges – a report published yearly.
  • Statistical Bulletin – published quarterly.
  • SDDS data categories – by the data type (ensured by NBS in its capacity as a disseminating agency).
  • Macroeconomic indicators – published monthly (release dates may be subject to change).

Data and publication release schedules can also be found on the Upcoming events calendar page, which includes a search function.

Last updated on 20 Jun 2023