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Ethical principles

In performing their duties and tasks, the staff members of Národná banka Slovenska (NBS) strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour in accordance with the common guidelines and values laid down by the ECB within the Eurosystem and SSM. NBS sets out principles of ethical behaviour for its staff members in order to ensure that they meet the highest levels of independence, objectivity, honesty and transparency. Our staff members are subject to the Code of Conduct that lays down basic principles and rules for their behaviour, actions and comportment, and each staff member is bound by its values and corresponding guidelines. The rules outlined in the Code of Conduct relate in particular to the following areas:

Conflicts of interest

Conflict of interest management is the most important principle of ethical behaviour at Národná banka Slovenska. It relates directly to our values and underpins our ethical rules. All staff members must perform their professional duties independently, impartially and objectively. The Code of Conduct sets out principles and standards of behaviour to ensure that staff members avoid situations that may be perceived as giving rise to any conflict of interest.

Gifts and hospitality

Staff members are generally not permitted to accept any advantage connected with their employment with Národná banka Slovenska. This rule is especially relevant when staff members are interacting with the private sector, in particular with supervised entities of the financial market or with participants in public procurement procedures. It is a restriction that applies to all advantages regardless of their nature, including gifts and hospitality (with certain exceptions).

Prohibitions on misusing the position of an NBS staff member and on using inside information in private financial transactions

Staff members are prohibited from misusing any advantages related to their positions or functions at NBS, including from using inside information in conducting any significant private financial transaction or in making a recommendation to conduct or not to conduct such a transaction.

The meeting calendars

Guided by the values of integrity and transparency, the members of the ECB’s Governing Council, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board adhere to the “Guiding principles of external communication for high-level officials of the ECB” when interacting with private sector, academia, interest groups, representative associations and civil society representatives. At the same time, to enhance transparency, the members of these ECB bodies are to include information on their meetings with external parties in their published meeting calendars, to the extent such information relates to their role as members of ECB bodies. The monthly meeting calendars are published with a three-month lag.

In accordance with the ECB’s rules, Národná banka Slovenska (NBS) publishes monthly meeting calendars of the high-level NBS officials who are members of the ECB’s Governing Council or the Supervisory Board, to the extent such information relates to their role as members of ECB bodies.

The meeting calendars