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Thematic priorities of research

1. Monetary policy transmission and inflation

Research topics as

  • inflation expectations and heterogenous impact of inflation
    on households and firms,
  • price dynamics and transmission
    of energy prices to producer
    and consumer prices,
  • long-term impact of inflation
    on economic growth,
  • causes and consequences of the interaction between monetary and fiscal policy.

2. Macroprudential policy and the housing market

Research topics as

  • implications of macroprudential instruments,
  • role and impact of macroprudential policy in times of monetary tightening,
  • interactions of macroprudential policy with monetary policy
    and banking supervision,
  • determinants of supply and demand for real estates and equilibrium level of house prices.

3. Structural developments with a focus on micro-data

Research topics as

  • using micro-data to better understand functioning of economy,
  • labour market dynamics, including wealth inequality, ageing
    and migration,
  • business dynamics, productivity,
    and competitiveness,
  • assessment of global value chains
    in international trade.

4. Economic and financial implications of climate change and mitigation measures

Research topics as

  • impact of green policies on the financial sector, industrial structure, and energy supply,
  • economic consequences of green transformation,
  • climate footprint of different economic activities in Slovakia.

but also monitoring work in this area
in international fora, aiming to draw on the experience of other central banks.