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Financial stability


23 June 2022

Macroprudential Commentary – June 2022

The countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) rate has been raised to 1.5% with effect from 1 August 2023. The rate hike is in response to rising private sector indebtedness and to the heightened possibility of imbalances building up in the credit market and financial sector.

20 June 2022

Opportunity taken or not: To what extent have households taken the chance to lock in a low interest for a longer term?

The period of low interest rates is over. Some households have prepared for this in advance by locking in low interest rate for a longer term. In the commentary, NBS focuses on the implications of rising interest rates. (In Slovak language only)

30 May 2022

Financial Stability Report – May 2022

Financial stability remains high, but new risks have emerged. Firms and households are exposed to increased risk. NBS set to partially adjust regulatory requirements for loans extending beyond retirement age.

27 May 2022

Other Systemically Important Institutions – May 2022

NBS has set the capital buffer rates specific to ‘other systemically important institutions’ (O-SIIs) in Slovakia. The Bank expanded the list of O-SIIs to include Prima banka and increased the buffer rate for ČSOB.

28 March 2022

Business model sustainability of Slovak banks

At first blush, domestic banks appear to have prospered and been profitable in recent years. The reality, however, has not been so rosy. (In Slovak language only)