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11. What are other systemically important banks?
Other systemically important banks (O-SIIs) are banks, which are relevant to domestic financial system and to domestic economy. Default of O-SIIs can significantly disrupt safe functioning of the financial sector and thus have negative consequences also for the real economy. For this reason, it is possible under the macroprudential policy to require O-SIIs to hold additional capital buffers, which should contribute to a higher resilience of these institutions and thus to strengthen financial stability. For the Slovak banking sector, the EBA methodology has been used to identify O-SIIs. Given the characteristics of the Slovak banking sector as well as the domestic economy, O-SIIs are required under decisions of NBS to hold additional capital buffers from 1 January 2016. More detailed methodological information is available here. The list of identified O-SIIs and the O-SII buffers rate for individual O-SIIs are reviewed annually.