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Is there a legal provision on how much euro cash an individual or a legal entity must accept in one single payment?

According to the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 566/1992 Coll. on the National Bank of Slovakia (article 17a, para 1) within cash transactions in the Slovak Republic, it shall be prohibited to refuse to accept legal tender in its nominal value without lawful reason. This applies to euro banknotes and coins of all nominal values. At the same time, if somebody refuses to accept without lawful reason the legal tender he constitutes criminal offence (according to the article 273 of the Criminal Code of the Slovak Republic no. 300/2005 Coll.)   

According to the act on the NBS (article 17a, para 2), as of the euro introduction date, legal persons and natural persons in the Slovak Republic shall, in regard to the making of monetary payments, accept the legal tender; they may refuse legal tender and return accepted legal tender into circulation pursuant to separate legal provisions applicable in the euro area to euro banknotes and euro coins, and, in the extent set out in these separate legal provisions, pursuant to the terms laid down in the act or in other separate legal provisions.

 According to European and Slovak legislation natural persons and legal entities (except for the NBS and the banks) can in one single payment refuse only valid collector euro coins produced from precious metals. 

Besides, no party, except for the issuing authority and for those persons specifically designated by the national legislation of the issuing Member State, shall be obliged to accept more than 50 coins in one single payment (article 11 of the Council Regulation (EC) No 974/98 of 3 May 1998 on the introduction of the euro).