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NBS launches new exchange rate app for iPhone

Národná banka Slovenska has launched an “Exchange Rate” app for iPhone, allowing the conversion of different currencies to and from the euro according to the latest exchange rates listed by the European Central Bank. With this app, iPhone users can easily access the exchange rates published by the ECB daily at 2:30 p.m.

A free download of the app is available from the App Store.

The new app may be particularly appreciated by holidaymakers during the coming summer season. With information on local exchange rates immediately at hand there is no need to make difficult price calculations for goods and services. The app can convert the selected foreign currency at either the current exchange rate or a historical rate and also charts the exchange rate movement over time. The app can also compare two currencies, for example the exchange rate of the euro against the Czech koruna and vice versa.

Users of all types of mobile internet devices may access the exchange rates listed by NBS at, a website dedicated to mobile telephone users.

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