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Statement from the 20th Meeting of the Bank Board of the NBS

The 20th Meeting of the Bank Board of Národná banka Slovenska was held on 9 June 2009 chaired by Viliam Ostrozlik, Deputy Governor.

The Bank Board of the NBS approved the notification on issue of the commemorative euro coins in circulation of nominal value EUR 2 issued to mark the 20th anniversary of the November 1989 events.

The commemorative coin will have the same technical parameters as a common euro coin of nominal value EUR 2 in circulation and following its issue into circulation in November 2009 it will become the legal tender in the Slovak Republic as well as in all countries of the euro area. The coinage of 1 million pieces of euro coins in circulation will be realized by the Kremnica Mint, š.p.

The Bank Board of the NBS approved the Draft Act on Payment Services and on amendments to some Acts as amended.

The Draft Act transposes above all the Directive 2007/64/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on payment services in the internal market while harmonization of legal orders within the European Economic Space should occur in the area of payment services in currencies of the member states of the European Economic Space. Harmonization allows unification of rights and obligations when offering payment services by the providers of payment services and in the use of these services by the users of the payment services as well as unification of further rights and obligations, e.g. in the solution of the legal disputes. At the same time the Draft Act defines conditions for establishment and operation of a new category of payment services providers – to the so called payment institutions which will provide for, in addition to banks and branches of foreign banks, payment services.

The Draft Act also defines conditions for establishment and operation of payment systems and conditions for establishment and operation of electronic money institutions.

The Draft Act cancels the Act No. 510/2002 Coll. on Payment System and on amendments and supplements to certain laws. Effectiveness of the Act is proposed as of 1 November 2009.

Jana Kovacova
Spokesperson of the NBS

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