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Statement from the NBS Bank Board’s 11th meeting of 2021

The Bank Board of Národná banka Slovenska today (25 May) held its 11th meeting of 2021, chaired by NBS Deputy Governor Ľudovít Ódor.

The Bank Board adopted NBS Decisions regarding the additional capital buffer rates applicable to banks in Slovakia designated as other systemically important institutions (O‑SIIs). The Decision on systemic risk buffers (SyRBs) repeals Decision No 10/2020 of Národná banka Slovenska of 26 May 2020. The Decision on O-SII buffers (for increasing the resilience of O-SIIs) sets the O-SII buffers at the following rates:

Both Decisions take effect on 1 January 2022. Further information on these buffers will be published in the respective Decisions and in the Bank’s “Commentary on decisions concerning the settings of capital buffers for domestic systemically important banks”.

The Bank Board approved a Decree of Národná banka Slovenska on fees for acts performed by Národná banka Slovenska. The Decree repeals and replaces Decree No 8/2012 of Národná banka Slovenska of 20 November 2012, as amended, on the grounds that Decree No 8/2012 had undergone a large number of amendments over the years. The new Decree is closely modelled on its predecessor in both substance and form. Most of the acts that the Bank performs for a fee concern the sectors of banking, the capital market, insurance, pension funds, financial intermediation and financial advisory services, consumer credit, payment services, and foreign exchange. Most of the acts, and the amount of the corresponding fees, are the same as they were in Decree No 8/2012, as amended; however, there are some adjustments and additions, incorporated mainly as a result of changes introduced by EU and domestic legislation, as well as on the basis of the Bank’s experiential knowledge.

The new Decree takes effect on 1 July 2021.

The Bank Board approved the notification of the issuance of a €5 base metal collector coin under the title ‘Fauna and flora in Slovakia – the honeybee’.

The coin is made from common brass (67% copper and 33% zinc), weighs 19.1 g, and has a diameter of 34 mm. Designed by Karol Ličko and produced by the Kremnica Mint, the coin is due to go on sale in July 2021.

The Bank Board approved the Bank’s May 2021 Financial Stability Report, whose Slovak version will be published on the NBS website at the beginning of June.

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