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No. 1/2013
English summary [.pdf, 49.3 kB]
A story of global financial deepening [.pdf, 370.9 kB]
(Ľubomira Gertler)

No. 2/2013
English summary [.pdf, 48.9 kB]
Fiscal space in the euro zone [.pdf, 197.2 kB]
(František Hajnovič; Juraj Zeman)

No. 3/2013
English summary [.pdf, 46.1 kB]
Inflation targeting vs. nominal GDP targeting [.pdf, 106.6 kB]
(Tomaš Sivak)

No. 4/2013
English summary [.pdf, 44.9 kB]

No. 5/2013
Opening remarks addressed by Jozef Makúch, Governor of NBS [.pdf, 101.2 kB]
Opening remarks addressed by Yves Mersch, member of the ECB Executive Board [.pdf, 83.6 kB]
Banking structure and monetary policy – what have we learned in the last 20 years? [.pdf, 71.5 kB]
(by Erkki Liikanen)
Monetary policy frameworks – experiences and perspectives [.pdf, 435.8 kB]
(by Ewald Nowotny)
The impact of the crisis on financial integration in Central and Eastern Europe [.pdf, 334.9 kB]
(by Ignazio Visco)
Panel discussion: Evolution of economic policies in transition countries and future challenges [.pdf, 179.6 kB]
Monetary policy challenges and attractiveness of monetary integration for catching-up countries [.pdf, 71.5 kB]
(by Július Horváth)
The real and financial effects of policy uncertainty [.pdf, 125.4 kB]
(by Ľuboš Pástor)
Recovering from the crisis in the euro area: Exchange rates, inflation and real wages [.pdf, 424.5 kB]
(by Fabrizio Coricelli)
The IMF in Central and Eastern Europe: Looking back at the past thirty years [.pdf, 113.2 kB]
(by Jiří Jonáš)

No. 6/2013
English summary [.pdf, 52.4 kB]
Management control system in banks [.pdf, 86.8 kB]
(Zoltan Zeman, Roland Gacsi, Janos Lukacs, Laszlo Hajos)

No. 7/2013
English summary [.pdf, 52.7 kB]
Minimum Spanning Tree Application in the Currency Market [.pdf, 95.4 kB]
(Marcel Rešovský, Denis Horváth, Vladimír Gazda, Marianna Siničáková)

No. 8/2013
English summary [.pdf, 45.6 kB]