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Timetable of the NBS Monthly Bulletin

The planned dates of publication of the NBS Monthly Bulletin are listed in the timetable. Nevertheless, due to the different structure/number of pages of individual issues, the planned dates are subject to changes. If you are registered in the mailing list, information on new releases will be despatched to you immediately.


NBS Monthly Bulletin for: Published on:
January 4 February 2020
February 3 March 2020
March 31 March 2020
April 6 May 2020
May 2 June 2020
June 29 June 2020
July 31 July 2020
August 4 September 2020
September 2 October 2020
October 3 November 2020
November 30 November 2020
December 22 December 2020

* As of January 2012, the stated month of the Monthly Bulletin of Národná banka Slovenska will correspond to the month of its publication, whereas up to now it has corresponded to the preceding month (to which most of the key data apply). For the purpose of this change, the last issue of 2011 will be published as the Monthly Bulletin for November/December. NBS Monthly Bulletins will continue to be published in the last third of each month.