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Casalis André

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Expert Analyst of Macroeconomics

Fields of interest:
  • applied macroeconomics
  • monetary economics and consumption dynamics


BARMEIER, Marcel – CASALIS, André. 2023. Do hawks sit on stronger branches? Central banks’ equity and policy reactions. NBS Policy Brief ; No 5, 7 p.


CASALIS, André. 2023. When food bites back: What quarterly firm-level data reveal about food inflation. NBS Policy Brief; No. 2, 10 p.


CASALIS, André – KRUSTEV, Georgi. 2022. Cyclical drivers of euro area consumption: What can we learn from durable goods? Journal of International Money and Finance, Elsevier, vol. 120(C).


CASALIS, André – KRUSTEV, Georgi. 2020. Consumption of durable goods in the euro area. In European Central Bank. Economic Bulletin 2020, no. 5, pp. 75-99.