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Zeman Juraj

Zeman Juraj

Senior researcher
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Fields of interest: international trade, inequality and growth, fiscal sustainability, DSGE modelling.

Peer review activities: Editorial Board Member, Journal of Economics, Slovakia Reviewer, Journal of Economics, Slovakia

years of publ.NBS Publications
2021Juraj Zeman, 2021. „The Motor Vehicles Industry in Slovakia, 2005–2015“, Occasional Paper, No.1/2021, National Bank of Slovakia.  
2020Biswajit Banerjee a Juraj Zeman, 2020. „Determinants of Global Value Chain Participation: Cross-country Analysis“, Working paper, No.1/2020, National Bank of Slovakia.
2012František Hajnovič a Juraj Zeman, 2012. „Fiscal Space in the Euro Zone“, Working paper, No.5/2012, National Bank of Slovakia.
2012Juraj Zeman, 2012. „Costs and benefits of Slovakia entering the euro area. A quantitative evaluation“, Working paper No.1/2012, National Bank of Slovakia.
2009Matúš Senaj a Juraj Zeman, 2009. „DSGE Slovakia“, Working paper No.3/2009, National Bank of Slovakia.
2008Pavol Jurča a Juraj Zeman, 2008. „Macro Stress Testing of the Slovak Banking Sector“, Working paper No.1/2008, National Bank of Slovakia.
years of publ.Selected External Publications – monographs
2009Dean Corbae, Maxwell B. Stinchcombe a Juraj Zeman 2009. „An Introduction to Mathematical Analysis for Economic Theory and Econometrics„, Princeton University Press.
1989Juraj Zeman, 1989. „Mathematics for Students of the Life Sciences“, Comenius University Press.
1989Juraj Zeman, 1989. „Introduction to Mathematical Statistics“ , Comenius University Press.
Roky vydaniaSelected External Publications – articles in peer-reviewed journals
2019Juraj Zeman, 2019. „Income distribution and economic growth; empirical results for Slovakia“, Journal of Economics, Vol.67, No.5, p.459-480.
2017Biswajit Banerjee a Juraj Zeman, 2017. „On the effectiveness of Central Bank Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market: The Case of Slovakia, 1999-2007“, Comparative Economic Studies.
2017Juraj Zeman, 2017. „Fiscal multipliers in the Slovak Economy A DSGE Simulation“, Journal of Economics, Vol.65, No 6, p.505-519.
2017Juraj Zeman, 2017. „Determinants of government bond yield spreads in EU countries“, Journal of Economics, Vol.62, No 6, p.598-60.
2012Matúš Senaj, Milan Výškrabka a Juraj Zeman, 2012. „MUSE: Monetary Union and Slovak Economy model“, Journal of Economics, Vol.60, No 5, p.435-459.
2006Juraj Zeman, 2006. „An alternative approach to measuring output gap“, Journal of Economics, Vol.54, No 4, p.337 – 351.
2005Juraj Zeman, 2005. „Home production with inventories“, Journal of Economics, Vol.53, No 2, p.161 – 170.
2004Juraj Zeman, 2004. „Equilibrium exchange rate of Slovak koruna“, Journal of Economics, Vol.52, No 9, p.1035 – 1050.