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20 years of Macroprudential Policy in Europe – Looking back and looking ahead

Macroprudential policy has been part of the economic policy toolkit in Europe for around two decades and has become widely used since the GFC. It is time to look back at experiences and best practices in Europe.

What have we learnt about the efficiency of various tools used to dampen financial cycles and to strengthen the resilience of the financial system? Have macroprudential policies helped to cushion financial crises that Europe experienced during the last two decades? What were success factors and shortcomings? Looking ahead, how can macroprudential policies help to address the challenges the European economy is facing? These include the transformation towards a more market and tech-based financial system, the transition to a sustainable economy and the possibility of a protracted period of upward inflation pressures. This conference will bring together leading academic researchers and macroprudential policymakers to take stock and to provide some guidance on the future development of macroprudential policies.

Program and registration

Day 1

Introduction and welcome remarks
Keynote I “MPP through the eyes of dynamic macro-banking models”
Session 1 (Academic) – What do we know about MPP so far?
Session 2 (Policy, National perspectives) – What do we know about MPP so far?
Session 3 (Policy, International perspectives) – What do we know about MPP so far?
Keynote speech: Stefan Ingves, former Governor, Sveriges Riksbank

Day 2

SUERF Annual Lecture 2023
Session 4: A brave new world for MPP?
Wrap-up and Closing remarks – Drawing up the MPP to do list