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Statement from the NBS Bank Board’s 26th meeting of 2020

The Bank Board of Národná banka Slovenska today (15 December) held its 26th meeting of 2020, chaired by NBS Governor Peter Kažimír.

The Bank Board took note of NBS’s December 2020 Monthly Bulletin, which will be published on the NBS website.

The Bank Board took note of NBS’s December 2020 Medium-Term Forecast (MTF-2020Q4), which will be presented at a press conference and published on the NBS website.

The Bank Board approved a Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding concerning consultation, cooperation and the exchange of information between each of the EU competent authorities and the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
The Memorandum concerns mutual cooperation and information exchange between the competent supervisory authorities of the European Union Member States and the United Kingdom’s supervisory authority following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Through this Memorandum, the signatory parties express their willingness to cooperate with each other in order to maintain confidence in the financial system and preserve financial stability in their respective financial markets by providing mutual assistance and exchanging information in their areas of responsibility within their respective jurisdictions, particularly as regards investor protection, market integrity, transparency and the orderly functioning of financial markets.

Peter Majer
NBS Spokesperson

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