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Associations in the Financial Sector of the SR

Data as of December 31, 2021

Reg. No. Name of organization Commenced operation Telephone Fax, E-mail Chief Executive Line of activity
30813182 Slovak banking association
Blumental Office I., Mýtna 48
811 07 Bratislava 1
2.7.1993 +421/2/57205301
Alexander Resch, President SBA


Milena Koreňová, Executive Director

Prevailing activity
– Representing and enforcing joint interests of its members in relation to bodies of state power, public administration, self-administration bodies and other legal entities.
– Representing the interests of its members in relation to foreign countries and providing representation in international organizations.
– Enforcing the members’ interests in the area of legislation, related to the subject of activity of its members.
31792537 Association of Asset Management Companies
Drieňová 3,
821 01 Bratislava
16.4.1998 +421/2/44456591 RNDr. Roman Vlček, Executive Drirector


Mgr. Marek Prokopec, Chairman of the Board

Representing the interests of association members towards other entities, consulting, and information services.
31751741 Slovak Association of Securities Dealers
Čajakova 25, 811 05 Bratislava
7.4.1995 +421/911258831
+421/905531112 Ing. Robert Kopal, Director and Chairman of Executive council Representing interests of stock brokers trading with securities. Regulation of their activities.
17054303 Slovak Insurance Association
Bajkalská 19B 821 01 Bratislava
1.1.1994 +421/2/43429985
  JUDr. Jozefina Zakova, General Director


Ing. Vladimír Bakeš, PhD.,
President of the Presidium

Representing, safeguarding, and advocating the interests of insurance companies vis-a-vis the bodies of state administration and other legal entities.