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Other Institutions in the Financial Sector of the SR

Data as of December 31, 2021

Reg. No.Name of organizationCommenced operationTelephoneFax, E-mailChief ExecutiveLine of activity
35700564Deposit Protection Fund
Kapitulska 12
812 47 Bratislava 1
fov@fovsr.skIng. Pavol Komzala, Chairman of the Fund presidiumActivities related to the protection of deposits put in banks, concetration of monetory means of banks and handling monetory means of the fund providing compesations for uncollectible credits in banks and foreign banks’ subsidiaries within scope and conditions stated by the Act of SR NR No 118/1996.
31750206Bank Card Association of the Slovak Republic
Dunajska 4
811 08 Bratislava 1
1.6.1994+421/918189520zbk@zbk.skPeter Géc
Patrick Melioris
Vice – chairman
Creating of conditions to support using of bank cards in inter-bank payment contact in the SR and suppporting the development of joint network of bank-tellers as well as retailers accepting payments in their outlets through bank cards.