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10th anniversary of Economic and Monetary Union

Banknotes and coins, 10th anniversary of Economic and Monetary Union

Designer: George Stamatopoulos
Issuing volume: 2,5 million coins
Issuing date: 5 January 2009

  • Description of the coin

    The coin shows a stick figure which merges into the € symbol. It seeks to convey the idea of the single currency and, by extension, Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) being the latest step in Europe’s long history of trade and economic integration.
    The coin is issued by each euro area country and shows the name of the country as well as the legend ‘EMU 1999-2009’ in the respective language(s).
    The design was chosen out of a shortlist of five by members of the public across the European Union voting online. It was created by George Stamatopoulos, a sculptor from the Minting department at the Bank of Greece.