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Issuance schedule for commemorative and collector coins

NoFeatureIssuing date
1€10 silver collector coin
200th anniversary of the birth of Janko Kráľ
15 March 2022
2€10 silver collector coin
150th anniversary of the birth of Ľudmila Podjavorinská
21 April
3€5 base metal collector coin
Fauna and flora in Slovakia – the Tatra chamois
1 June
4€20 silver collector coin
Kysuce Protected Landscape Area
22 June
5€2 commemorative coin
35th anniversary of the Erasmus programme
1 July
6€100 gold collector coin
Bratislava coronations – 450th anniversary of the coronation of Rudolf
20 July
7€10 silver collector coin
650th anniversary of Skalica being granted the status of a free royal town
8 August
8€5 base metal collector coin
Fauna and flora in Slovakia – the Eurasian lynx
23 August
9€10 silver collector coin
220th anniversary of the start of Slovak emigration to Kovačica
20 September
10€2 commemorative coin
300th anniversary of the construction of continental Europe‘s first atmospheric steam engine for draining mines
5 October

Up to two €5 base metal collector coins per year may also be issued to mark significant successes of Slovak sportspeople at the international level.

The €5 collector coins issued under the theme of “Fauna and flora in Slovakia” are made from common brass (67% copper and 33% zinc), weigh 19.1 g, and have a diameter of 34 mm.

The issuance schedule for 2022 originally included a €10 silver collector coin commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first minting of the one koruna coin. This was removed from the schedule on 24 June 2021 on the basis of a decision by the NBS Bank Board.

Issuance schedules for the following years:

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