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200 Sk Banknote Description

(series 1995)

Dimensions:74 x 146 mm ± 1,5 mm
Designer:Jozef Bubák
Engraver:Václav Fajt
Manufacturer:Giesecke & Devrient, Munich, Germany (1995, 1999)
François-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire, Rennes, France (2002, 2006)

Banknotes and coins, 200 Sk Banknote Description
Banknotes and coins, 200 Sk Banknote Description

The front of the banknote shows the portrait of Anton Bernolák (1762 – 1813), an outstanding linguist and enlightened priest, who played an important role in the movement for national emancipation. He went down in modern Slovak history as father of the first version of Standard Written Slovak language.
The design on the back displays an illustration of Trnava dating from the 18th century, and the symbol of the town the Renaissance City Tower in the foreground.