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Slovak koruna coins

Up to the end of 2008 the currency unit of the Slovak Republic was the Slovak crown (koruna, Sk), the abbreviation being Sk and the ISO-code SKK. The Slovak crown is divided into 100 hellers (halier, the abbreviation being hal). There were seven coins of the nominal value 10 Sk, 5 Sk2 Sk1 Sk50 hal20 hal and 10 hal, which together represented the Slovak coinage. Validity of coins in nominal value 10 hellers series 1993 and coins in nominal value 20 hellers series 1993 terminated on 31 December 2003.

After the coming into existence of the Slovak Republic, the first Slovak coin to be released, at a nominal value of 10 Sk, was put into circulation on February 8, 1993, followed by the other coins, and concluded with the issue of the 10 hal coin (the lowest value), on October 29, 1993. Coins entering circulation in 1993 are marked as series 1993.

The basic material used for coins of lower nominal values is an alloy of aluminium and 2% or 4% magnesium. Coins of higher nominal values have a core of steel electroplated with nickel, bronze or copper. The coin with the highest nominal value, 10 Sk, is struck from aluminium and bronze alloy.

In 1996, the 50 hal coin, series 1996, was issued. It circulates parallel with the 50 hal coin with the same design from 1993. Its motif is identical with that of the original 50 hal coin; technical parameters and the material of the coin only have been changed. The base of the coin is carbon steel electroplated with copper.

The designer of all the coins, produced by Kremnica Mint, is Drahomir Zobek.

The obverse of the coins is of a unified composition. For coins of all nominal values, the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic is in the top half of the coin field. The name of the state appears on two lines under the coat of arms of the state, and the year of issue is further down. The Kremnica Mint mark “MK” is seen in the bottom of the coin field under the year of issue. Immediately beneath this is the letter “Z”, indicating the initial of the surname of the designer of the coins.

On the reverse of the coins, there are, in addition to the nominal values, various historical motifs from the area of present day Slovakia.

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