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500 Sk Banknote Description

(series 1993)
(series 1996)

Dimensions:77 x 152 mm ± 1,5 mm
Designer:Jozef Bubák
Engraver:Václav Fajt
Manufacturer:Thomas De La Rue, Zeitun, Malta (1993, 1996)
De La Rue, Gateshead, Great Britain (2000, 2006)

Banknotes and coins, 500 Sk Banknote Description
Banknotes and coins, 500 Sk Banknote Description

The front of the banknote shows the portrait of Ľudovít Štúr, one of the greatest Slovak personalities of the 19th century, who was known as the father of the idea of Slovak national emancipation and the founder of the Slovak literary language.
The design on the back illustrates Bratislava Castle together with the Baroque St. Michael´s and a part of the Gothic tower of Klarisky Church. The central part of the composition displays the oldest layout of Bratislava dating from the 15th century wood carving CHRONICA PICTA depicting Bratislava Castle, three churches surrounded by a fortification, and a sketch of the River Danube.