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5000 Sk Banknote Description

(series 1995)

Dimensions:82 x 164 mm ± 1,5 mm
Designer:Jozef Bubák
Engraver:Václav Fajt
Manufacturer:Giesecke & Devrient, Munich, Germany (1995, 1999)
Oesterreichishe Banknoten und Sicherheitsdruck, Wien, Austria (2003)
Banknotes and coins, 5000 Sk Banknote Description
Banknotes and coins, 5000 Sk Banknote Description

The front of the banknote shows the portrait of Milan Rastislav Štefánik (21 July 1880 – 4 May 1919), an outstanding diplomat, politician, soldier, and astronomer. The elements printed on the left side of his portrait illustrate the sun and the moon, representing a part of his life which he dedicated to research and observations in the field of astronomy.
The back of the banknote shows Štefánik´s grave on Bradlo Hill. The printed design is overlapped by part of the Great Bear constellation, and the lower right and the upper parts of the design carry an illustration of a pasque – flower.