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Iridescent Coating

Iridescent coating – is a 23 mm-wide gold-coloured strip overlapping the value of the note “5000”, and the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic on the back of the banknote. The iridescent effect cannot be reproduced by photocopying.

series 1995
iridescent coating

Sk 200 banknotes reprinted in 1999 feature a violet iridescent coating applied in the shape of stylised lime leaves, the contours of which are formed by unbroken lines. On the 1000 Sk banknote series 1999 the iridescent coating in red with multiple pattern featuring stylised thorns of the rose is applied. Reprints of the Sk 5000 note have gold-coloured iridescent coating, overprinted several times with a stylised sun. On 500 Sk banknote series 2000 there is an iridescent coating band in blue colour with repeated pattern depicting stylised eagle’s head.

series 1999
iridescent coating

Security features of the banknotes