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KINEGRAM® – is a specially produced, silver-lustrous metallised foil, in the shape of a crescent. A kinegram image is formed by fine lines of different thickness and shape. As the angle of the light changes, the image of kinegram also changes, producing the effect of a moving picture. If the device is turned around its vertical axis from left to right, a small “k” appears in the right lower corner; the size of the letter increases gradually towards the centre of the kinegram, where it joins a capital “S”, to illustrate the abbreviation of the currency unit of the Slovak Republic (“Sk”). On turned still further, the letter “S” becomes a crescent, which grows step by step into a full moon against a dark background. When the kinegram is turned around its horizontal axis, the digits “5000” appear to the left, running upwards from below and changing from light in a dark field into dark in a light field and vice versa. In the background of the kinegram, there are six proportionately increasing circles with repeated microtexts and texts.


Security features of the banknotes