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Watermark and Highlight Watermark

Watermark – is the desing of banknote portrait put onto the paper using a special technique. The picture is visible only when the paper is held against the light. Slovak banknotes have localized and graded watermaks, the darker and ligter parts of which are formed by different thicknesses of paper.

series 1995

Highlight watermark – apart from localised and multi-level watermarks, the new banknotes have – in the lower part of the coupon – another highlight watermark, which has the shape of a stylised twig with three leaves (on Sk 200 banknotes) on the 1000 Sk banknote series 1999 in the shape of stylised rose, that of a stylised oak leaf with twin acorns (on Sk 5000 notes), and on the 500 Sk banknote in the shape of stylised feather of an eagle.

vzor 1999
vyobrazenie ochranného prvku

umiestnenie ochranného prvku

Security features of the banknotes