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4. Who implements it?
In Slovakia macroprudential policy is implemented by the National Bank of Slovakia as a component of financial market supervision. This power was vested in the NBS by way of an amendment to the Financial Market Supervision Act of 15 March 2013. The NBS is also responsible for several areas that are closely linked to macroprudential policy, in particular supervision of individual financial market institutions, and the fields of regulation, currency, financial market operations, and payment systems, etc. The implementation of macroprudential policy is the responsibility of the Macroprudential Policy Department, while the highest decision-making authority in this field is the NBS Bank Board. Under the EU’s Single Supervisory Mechanism Regulation, the ECB is also involved in the implementation of macroprudential policy and has the power, when necessary, to impose policy settings stricter than those applied by the NBS.nástrojov makroprudenciálnej politiky nad rámec stanovený NBS.