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NBS warning about the activity of First SkyWay Invest Group Limited

16. 01. 2019 | Information for Public

Národná banka Slovenska (NBS) warns the public about the activity of First SkyWay Invest Group Limited, a company which has its registered office in the United Kingdom and which in Slovakia markets shares in a company called Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Holding Ltd. Národná banka Slovenska has not approved any prospectus for this investment, nor has any other supervisory authority of a European Union Member State notified NBS that it has approved such prospectus.

A list of investment prospectuses approved by Národná banka Slovenska can be found here and a list of prospectus approval notifications received from supervisory authorities of other European Union Member States can be found here.

Národná banka Slovenska continues to warn consumers interested in investing in the financial market to consider carefully before concluding a contract with a financial services provider. NBS recommends consumers to give thorough consideration to all risks and aspects of any potential investment, including their own financial resources, investment preferences, and ability to bear potential losses.