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NBS warning: BEST INVEST SK, s.r.o.

Národná banka Slovenska (NBS) warns the public about the activity of the company BEST INVEST SK, s.r.o., which has its registered office at Kopčianska 15, 851 01 Bratislava, was registered in the Commercial Register maintained by District Court Bratislava I on 28 October 2011 and has not filed an application for entry in the register of creditors providing consumer loans.

BEST INVEST SK, s.r.o. has not been registered in the register, whereas the provision of consumer loans is only authorised upon such registration. BEST INVEST SK, s.r.o. has neither been granted any other authorisation by NBS to provide credits and loans and is not subject to financial market supervision by NBS.

In Slovakia, consumer loans may only be provided by creditors (natural persons or legal entities offering or granting consumer loans as part of their business activities) entered in the register. In accordance with Article 20(24) of the Act on consumer credits, creditors that are not registered must not provide consumer loans.

The register of creditors providing consumer loans is maintained by Národná banka Slovenska under Article 20 of Act No 129/2010 Coll. on consumer credits and on other credits and loans for consumers (and amending certain laws), as amended by Act No 394/2011 Coll. NBS registers creditors upon their application for entry in the creditors’ register. NBS, however, is not empowered to supervise entities entered in the creditors’ register. Compliance with the Act on consumer credits is overseen by the Slovak Trade Inspection.

A summary of creditors entered in the creditors’ register is published on the NBS website:

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