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NBS warning regarding unauthorised activities of a private person and Blue Effect, s.r.o.

Národná banka Slovenska (NBS) warns potential investors about unauthorised activities of Peter Vystavil and the company Blue Effect, s.r.o.

Peter Vystavil as a private person raises funds from clients by promising higher returns. This person is not registered with NBS as a financial agent.

He promises potential investors a return on deposits based on stock market and insurance investments. Vystavil bolsters his credibility by presenting himself as a representative of prominent foreign insurance companies while using forged documents with the logo of such companies and also by asking his clients to send their funds to the account of the company Blue Effect, s.r.o., which is registered with NBS as a financial agent. In order to maintain investors’ confidence and eventually attract other clients, Vystavil temporarily pays off promised revenues, for which he uses funds received from new investors.

Národná banka Slovenska warns that these activities of Petr Vystavil are in contravention of the law and funds invested in his activities are not covered by the Investment Guarantee Fund under the Act on securities and investment services.

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