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Announcement of the closure of NBS sub-branches in Trenčín and Bratislava

Národná banka Slovenska hereby announces that its sub-branches in Trenčín and Bratislava will close down as of Monday, 31 October 2011.

The decision to close the sub-branches was taken by the NBS Bank Board on 12 April 2011. The NBS sub-branches in Humenné and Lučenec closed down in September, one month before the closure of the sub-branches in Bratislava and Trenčín.

This rationalisation of NBS sub-branches will not in any way affect the smooth operation of cash circulation. Národná banka Slovenska will continue to serve customers (both natural and legal persons) at its remaining sub-branches in Košice, Poprad, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, and Nové Zámky as well as at the NBS headquarters in Bratislava. Information on NBS opening hours and on the exchange of banknotes and coins can be found at the NBS website ( or obtained directly from staff at the sub-branches or headquarters.

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