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Národná banka Slovenska implementing coronavirus-related operational precautions

In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Národná banka Slovenska has instructed its staff members whose work duties can be performed remotely from the NBS building to work from home until further notice.

In addition, NBS has until further notice suspended all staff business trips, closed its Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica, and restricted public and school visits to the bank (including lectures and courses).

The Slovak financial sector remains fully functional, and consumers have full access to their money and accounts. Those NBS staff members responsible for ensuring the bank’s core activities and those whose work is essential to the smooth operation of the domestic financial sector will continue to work at the bank while operational precautions are in place.

The bank’s core activities comprise the following:

  • performing its role in the implementation of the monetary policy that the European Central Bank (ECB) sets for the euro area;
  • issuing euro banknotes and coins in accordance with legislation applicable in the euro area;
  • promoting the smooth operation of payment and settlement systems; regulating, coordinating and overseeing currency circulation and payment and settlement systems; and ensuring that these systems operate efficiently and cost-effectively;
  • maintaining and managing foreign reserves and conducting foreign exchange operations in accordance with legislation governing Eurosystem operations.

At this time, NBS is also preparing potential crisis scenarios and it continues to monitor the evolving situation in Slovakia while keeping in close contact with the ECB.

The bank will reassess its operational precautions after two weeks, when it will consider whether further measures are required.

The public will be informed of any further changes in NBS’s operational precautions or their cancellation.

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