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New NBS logo

Národná banka Slovenska (NBS) today introduced its new logo as part of a modernised design manual produced in the wake of last year’s 25th anniversary of the bank.

The purpose of the update is not to change the bank’s established visual identity, but rather to bring its visual communication into line with the latest communication and technological standards and thus to ensure that its communication efforts are sufficiently flexible going forward.

“The design manual for the first time visually integrates all of the bank’s communication outputs, from publications and digital presence, to small-scale print materials and other elements of its visual identity,” said Jana Kováčová, Head of the NBS Communications Section. She noted that the previous design manual had ceased to meet the functional and visual requirements of current media technology and that certain formats had become outdated or were no longer used at all.

The media and public will now see, both online and in print materials, the bank’s updated logo featuring an enhanced colour scheme and typography. This new graphic identity is the fruit of cooperation between NBS, the Union of Graphic Designers of Slovakia, and Komplot Advertising, s.r.o. – the company that produced the manual for the bank.

Similarly to the old logo, the new logo integrates the wording “Národná banka Slovenska” and “Eurosystem” with a circular ‘horse rider’ design. This is based on a design that appears on ‘Biatec’ coins minted in the first century BC by the Celtic settlers of what is now Bratislava. The revamped logo is part of broader efforts to improve the readability and functionality of the bank’s online publications and printed matter. Its more compact form adds to its impact and also makes it easier to use in digital contexts and where smaller dimensions are required.

The new NBS logo is intended to be both attractive and functional, while at the same time appropriate for an institution of national and international standing.

Martina Vráblik Solčányiová
NBS Spokesperson

Previous NBS logo (used from 1993)
New NBS logo (used from 1 May 2019)

Logo NBS

Logo NBS

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