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Professor Ľuboš Pástor reappointed as an NBS Bank Board member

Professor Ľuboš Pástor, a renowned specialist in financial economics, will continue to support Národná banka Slovenska with his considerable expertise until 2027. On 12 March 2021 the Slovak Government appointed Professor Pástor for a second consecutive six-year term as an NBS Bank Board member.

In response to the news, NBS Governor Peter Kažimír said: “I am very glad, from both a personal and professional view, that our cooperation with Ľuboš Pástor will continue. His opinions, experience and expertise are a great asset that both raises the professional competence of Národná banka Slovenska and makes a qualitative difference to the economic situation in Slovakia – and that matters to all of us.

The Bank Board is the highest governing body of Národná banka Slovenska, and at present it has five members, including the Governor and one Deputy Governor.

The Governor and Deputy Governor(s) are appointed, and may be dismissed, by the President of the Slovak Republic at the proposal of the Slovak Government and subject to the approval of the Slovak Parliament. The other Bank Board members are appointed, and may be dismissed, by the Government at the proposal of the NBS Governor.

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