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Top management of the NBS discussed with the supervised entities

On 26 May 2009, Ivan Šramko, the Governor of Narodna banka Slovenska and other members of the Bank Board of the NBS met with the representatives of the insurance companies in the Slovak Republic.

The top management of the central Bank informed the representatives of the insurance companies as to current and expected macroeconomic development in the Slovak Republic and in the euro area. Participants in the meeting also discussed issues related to preparation of a Framework Directive Solvency II, information with regards to the Larosiére Group Report and consumer protection from the point of view of the NBS. The representatives of the insurance companies were acquainted with the „Analysis of the Slovak Financial Sector for 2008″.

Similar meeting took place in the course of May also with the management of other supervised subjects – with the representatives of banks, the representatives of subjects operating in the capital market and subjects operating in the area of pension savings.

The NBS arranges the meetings with all supervised subjects of the financial market regularly twice a year with the aim of presenting their leaders with the latest information, to offer a forum for exchanging views about the issues related to their activities.

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