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CopyThe identifier of the creditor (Creditor Identifier - CID)

The mandatory requirement of the SEPA direct debit message is the identifier of the creditor CID, which serves to unambiguous identification of the direct debit beneficiary that is unique and it belongs to a single beneficiary. The holder of the CID is a legal or natural person who uses the product of the SEPA direct debit. According to the rules for the SEPA direct debit the CID made up of the ISO code of the country, of control digits, possible specifications of the business activities of the beneficiary and to 28 digits, which are earmarked for the national identifier of the beneficiary. Such identifier has not been used in the domestic direct debit scheme in the SR.

The approved way of setting of the national identifier within the SR is assigning of 11 local numbers commencing with digit 7 (on the left), which is assigned as a serial number, that is, starting with the number 70000000001 adding to the last assigned number value 1 in ascending order (i.e. the next assigned CID includes part of the 70000000002, the other 70000000003, etc.).

Direct debit beneficiary applies for CID identifier via its payment service provider. CID identifiers are issued by the National Bank of Slovakia on the basis of an electronic application forms received from payment service providers.