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Exchange rates NBS

Národná banka Slovenska (NBS) started publishing exchange rates on a daily basis on 4 January 1993, the year when the Slovak koruna was established as a separate currency.

When quoting exchange rates, NBS used direct quotation, i.e. the relative value of the home currency was given against a set unit of a foreign currency. For example, the USD/SKK exchange rate showed how many Slovak korunas could be exchanged for one US dollar, or in the case of HUF/SKK, for 100 Hungarian forints.

In January 1996 NBS began to publish the exchange rates of selected currencies on a monthly basis, and in December 1998 also the three-month and six-month forward rates of the Slovak koruna against the German mark (later the euro) and US dollar.

On 2 October 1998 the Slovak koruna’s fluctuation band and currency basket peg were abolished. A free floating exchange rate was introduced for the Slovak koruna, and it was set according to the supply of and demand for the home currency on the interbank foreign exchange market.

As of 1 January 1999 the euro became the reference currency for the Slovak koruna.

The last date for which the daily exchange rates of the Slovak currency were published was 31 December 2008.