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Specialized Organizations in the Financial Sector of the SR

to December 31, 2021

Reg. No. Name of organization Commenced operation Telephone Fax, E-mail Chief Executive Line of activity Equity capitalin in EUR millions Capital structure in % Share of banks in the organization’s capital Notes
subscr. paid-up EURO foreign bank share %
31372074 SIA Central Europe, a.s.
Rontgenova 1, 851 01 Bratislava
19.5.1994 +421/2/68285111
+421/2/68285126 Ing.Juraj Tomanka,
General Director
Complex processing services in the field of cashless payments. Non-stop on-line authorization and processing of electronic payments in the ATM and EFT POS network via the cards issued by Slovak and foreign banks. 4.9 4.9 100.00        
35722959 Exportno-importna banka SR (EXIMBANKA SR)
Grösslingova 1
813 50 Bratislava
22.7.1997 +421/2/59398111
Ing. Monika Kohútová, MBS, General Director Support of the export and import activities of Slovak exporters and importers by way of financing export credits, insuring export credits and by financing import credits. The intention is to increase the competiti- veness of Slovak products and to support the mutual economic exchange between the Slovak Republic and foreign countries. 100.0 100.0 100.0        
35776005 Slovenska konsolidacna, a. s.
Cintorinska 21
814 99 Bratislava
26.10.1999 +421/2/57289289
JUDr. Marián Janočko, Chairman of the Board and General Director Consolidation of receivables in public sector. 1.7 1.7 100,00        
31338976 Central Securities Depozitory of the Slovak Republic
Ul. 29. augusta 1/A
814 80 Bratislava 1
22.12.1992 +421/2/52965555
Ing. Martin Wiedermann, Chairman of the Board and General Director Registration of book-entry and immobilized securities, registration of owners of book-entry securities on the owner accounts and data on the client member accounts, assign, change and revoke ISIN, providing services for members CDCP, security issuers, stock exchange and foreign stock exchange. 10.5 10.5 100.00