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150th anniversary of the birth of Božena Slančíková Timrava

€10 silver collector coin

Banknotes and coins, 150th anniversary of the birth of Božena Slančíková Timrava
Banknotes and coins, 150th anniversary of the birth of Božena Slančíková Timrava

Božena Slančíková Timrava (2 October 1867 – 27 November 1951) was a leading exponent of the late realism style in Slovak literature. Her stories typically feature rural workers, the rural intelligentsia and groups promoting Slovak national interests. She also introduced a type of character new in Slovak literature – a woman with a fully developed psychological profile who feels sorrow and disillusionment in relation to the fin de siècle social atmosphere. Her works display autobiographical elements, criticism, irony, and a focus on character psychology. In her later writings she concentrated on serious social issues. Among the best-known of her short stories and novels are: Za koho ísť?, Pomocník, Ťažké položenie, Tak je darmo, Pozde, Nemilí, Bál, Skúsenosť, Bez hrdosti, Veľké šťastie, Tá zem vábna, Márnosť všetko, Ťapákovci, Hrdinovia, Skon Paľa Ročku, Dve doby, and Záplava. She also wrote plays occasionally, but these did not reach the heights of her prose works.

  • Coin description

    The obverse side of the coin depicts an open book with a motif from Timrava’s well-known short story The Ťapáks. Overlying the book is a quill. In the lower part of the coin is the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic, and next to that is the name of the issuing country ‘SLOVENSKO’, above the year of issuance ‘2017’. The denomination ’10 EURO’ appears in the upper part of the coin.

    The reverse features a portrait of Božena Slančíková Timrava set against the page of an open book. Her first and last names ‘BOŽENA SLANČÍKOVÁ’ are written below the book, and below them is her pseudonym ‘TIMRAVA’. At the bottom of the coin is the mint mark of the Kremnica Mint and the initials of the designer Asamat Baltaev. The dates of Slančíková Timrava’s birth and death, ‘1867’ and ‘1951’, appear in the upper part of the coin on two lines.

  • Coin details
    Designer:Asamat Baltaev
    Composition:.900 silver, .100 copper
    Weight:18 g
    Diameter:34 mm
    (Exponent of late literary realism)
    Producer:Kremnica Mint
    Engraver:Filip Čerťaský
    Issuing volume:3,100 in brilliant uncirculated quality
    5,400 in proof quality
    Issuing date:20 September 2017