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€10 silver collector coin

150th anniversary of Matica slovenská

Matica slovenská is the oldest existing Slovak national institution for culture, public education and science, an institution whose highly significant role in Slovak history reached a peak in the period from 1863 to 1875. It is a product of the Slovak National Memorandum, the most important document in the national emancipation of the Slovak people. Adopted by the Slovak National Assembly, a forum established in 1861 in Turčiansky Svätý Martin, the Memorandum laid down for Slovaks the main requirements for asserting their national identity in constitutional, political, cultural and linguistic spheres, with one of these requirements being the establishment of Matica slovenská.

As early as 1861 a preparatory committee drafted the statutes of Matica slovenská and began to organise a nationwide campaign to raise funds for the institution’s activities. The founding general meeting of Matica slovenská was held on 4 August 1863 and elected the institution’s first chairman, bishop Štefan Moyzes, and deputy chairman, Karol Kuzmány.

Lícna strana


The obverse of the coin features a period representation of the building of Matica slovenská in Martin and its first statutes from 1863. The central part of the coin shows the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic, and below that the country name “SLOVENSKO” and the year “2013”. Along the right edge is the face value of the coin “10 EURO” written in two lines. To the left there is the mintmark of the Kremnica Mint, “MK”, and the stylised initials of the coin’s designer Karol Ličko, “KL”.

Rubová strana


The design on the reverse side portrays the first leading representatives of Matica slovenská: chairman Štefan Moyzes and deputy chairmen Karol Kuzmány and Ján Francisci. The upper part of the design includes the founding year of Matica slovenská, “1863”, and the text “ZALOŽENIE MATICE SLOVENSKEJ” (Founding of Matica slovenská) in three lines.

Coin’s data

Designer:Karol Ličko
Material:Ag 900, Cu 100
Weight:18 g
Diameter:34 mm
Edge:inscription: „NAJSTARŠIA KULTÚRNA USTANOVIZEŇ SLOVÁKOV“ (The oldest cultural institution of Slovaks)
Producer:Kremnica Mint
Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
Number of pieces minted:brilliant uncirculated quality: 3,150
proof quality: 5,950
Issuing date:2 August 2013

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