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Results of a public competition for the design of a €10 silver collector coin commemorating the 150th anniversary of Matica slovenská

Second prize
Karol Ličko

The 150th anniversary of Matica slovenská The 150th anniversary of Matica slovenská

Third prize
Pavel Károly

The 150th anniversary of Matica slovenská The 150th anniversary of Matica slovenská

In August 2012 Národná banka Slovenska announced a public competition for the design of a €10 silver collector coin to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Matica slovenská, the oldest Slovak national institution for culture, public education and science. Six designs, a relatively low number, were anonymously entered in the competition. In October 2012 they were judged by the NBS Governor’s Committee for the Assessment of Slovak Euro Coin Designs. The expert advisor to the Committee was PhDr. Peter Mulík, PhD., the secretary of Matica slovenská.

After judging the designs, the Committee recommended that no first prize be awarded.

The design that won second prize and will be used for the coin was made by Karol Ličko. The Committee appreciated how the obverse design captured the theme, symbolised by the old building of Matica slovenská – an intellectual, educational and scientific institution of the Slovak nation. The right side of the composition features a period representation of the first Statutes of Matica slovenská. The Committee observed that the basic information conveyed on the obverse side design satisfied the competition conditions. The reverse side’s design portrays three of the founding members and leading representatives of Matica slovenská: Štefan Moyzes, Karol Kuzmány and Ján Francisci. Also included in the design are the founding year of Matica slovenská, “1863”, and the text “ZALOŽENIE MATICE SLOVENSKEJ” (Founding of Matica slovenská). The lettering fits in well with the overall treatment of the design.

The third prize was awarded to Pavel Károly. His design for the obverse side depicts three portraits of founding members of Matica slovenská in classic oval-framed portraits, complemented with stylised period decoration. The design also features the coat of arms of Slovakia and below that, centred along the bottom edge, the country name and year of issue. As for the reverse side design, the Committee appreciated how it depicts the institution of Matica slovenská rising out of its founding statutes. On the right side of the design is a figural representation of Slovaks in traditional dress, a reference to the institution’s primary role in supporting the Slovak nation. The text appears in a semi-circularly arrangement.